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USU resources is a portal to share the best and promising practices of efficient, effective, and innovative models to foster student achievement.

Our goal is to identify, assess with appropriate metrics, and disseminate substantive, scalable best practices along the continuum of efforts that support student success and degree completion.

This portal is under construction but when it is complete will include practices universities are implementing along the student success continuum.

The information has been sorted in to the following categories:

Student Success Continuum

1. Pipeline: What does it take to prepare students for college?

2. Retention: What does it take to keep them?

Student Learning, Effective Teaching and Student Engagement through High Impact Practices


Alternative delivery options:

Co-curricular (e.g., first-year seminars, learning communities, service learning, undergraduate research, capstone projects, study abroad)

3. Success: What does this look like and how do we measure it?

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