Collaborative Opportunity Grant

The Collaborative Opportunity Grant (COG) is a three-year program designed to support emerging innovations that transform institutional practices, programs, policies, and culture to improve student success. The primary purpose of this grant is to:

1) Understand the connection between the university, city/local community, and student success;

2) Collaborate, both internally and externally, with other organizations and institutions to implement transformative student success innovations; and,

3) Scale emerging innovative practices that improve student success (e.g., access, retention, completion, etc.).

All projects must be a collaboration between a public university and an external organization (e.g., other universities, community colleges, school districts or schools, local government agencies, etc.). The collaboration must show evidence of working together and should break down divisions and span boundaries. Institutions will receive up to $50,000 to support promising and innovative interventions that work to improve student success outcomes. Award duration is for one year with the potential for receiving additional funds through future RFPs. Only APLU and USU members are eligible to apply.

Over the course of the year, APLU and USU will provide technical assistance by way of access to resources, meetings, and other opportunities to support and connect institutional work.