Tracking Student Access to High-Impact Practices in STEM


We know that certain “High-Impact Practices,” such as internships, undergraduate research, capstone courses, and learning communities, help undergraduate students persist and succeed. These practices have a disproportionately positive impact on students from underrepresented backgrounds. This webinar will briefly summarize the evidence for High-Impact Practices and share innovative efforts from several institutions to track and analyze underrepresented student participation in High-Impact Practices in STEM. The webinar will close with action items to study these practices further for STEM students and convene a learning collaborative to develop better data collection systems.

Speakers include:

P. Kay Lund, Ph.D., Director of the Division of Biomedical Research Workforce, National Institutes of Health
Tia Brown McNair, Ph.D., Vice President of the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Student Success, Association of American Colleges & Universities
Bettina Huber, Ph.D., Director of the Office of Institutional Research, California State University, Northridge
Paul L. Beasley, TRIO Director, University of South Carolina

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