USU Urban Track at the Annual 2018


We want to thank everyone who participated in the USU Urban Track at the 131st Annual APLU Meeting in New Orleans, LA. The sessions on Serving a Broader Cohort of Learners, Redesigning Delivery, Wellness Partnerships: From Student Wellness to Community Wellness, and Learning for Impact: What will the Future Look Like? really demonstrated the depth and scope of work USU engages in.

A special thanks to our membership lunch speaker, Suzanne Walsh, Deputy Director at The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on the Post-Secondary Success Team and to all of our facilitators, speakers, and presenters.

Click here to view the full USU Urban Track at the APLU Annual Meeting.

And save the date for the 2019 USU & OAS Joint Summer Meeting on June 27 - 28, 2019. More details will be coming soon.

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