USU Student Performance Webinar Series - JSU’s IPad Initiative: The Democratization of CyberLearning


In the fall of 2012, Jackson State University initiated the JSU CyberLearning Strategy. Through a partnership with the Mississippi eCenter and Apple, Inc., JSU launched the Technology Advantage Scholarship Initiative (TASI) which provided tablet computers (iPads) to every first-time, full-time freshman. That was only the beginning. To implement TASI, meant redesigning the curriculum, building a learning community for digital natives, training faculty to teach on tablets, expansion of the classroom with the use of embedded etextbooks, and devising ways to learn measurement outcomes. The results make this a program a worth watching, with measure and substantial gains in course-based student performance.

This initiative engages students through the process of active learning in the classroom. In the CyberLearning community, mobile technology provides a vehicle for student engagement, the expansion of the classroom learning environment, student development of primary source materials, and the extension of teaching practices that move beyond the traditional lecture format.

The result: a democratized platform for equal access to the latest scholarship through the latest technology, leading to an educational environment where intellectual curiosity is supported and fostered.

USU is proud to present Dr. Robert Blaine, Special Assistant to the Provost for CybLearning, who will discuss this cutting edge programs which uses technology in unique and exciting ways to advance student performance.

Host: Dr. Shari Garmise, Vice President , USU/ A۰P۰L۰U, Office of Urban Initiatives

Moderator: Dr. Irma Becerra-Fernandez, Vice President for Engagement, Florida International University

Speaker: Robert Blaine, DMA, Special Assistant to the Provost for CyberLearning, Jackson State University

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