Improving Campus Climate for Diversity and Inclusion: What Can Leaders Do?


This webinar will explore how leaders at campuses that have made significant progress toward diversity succeeded at moving the dial – through their actions, words, and policies/practices. We will explore strategies that government agencies are using to support university efforts to improve campus culture and climate. We will also hear from the Association of American Medical Colleges about their ongoing pilot of a Diversity & Inclusion Culture and Climate Toolkit at eight institutions in California. The webinar will be of interest to university leaders and others who seek to foster a more inclusive climate on their campuses.


Laura Castillo-Page, Ph.D., Senior Director, Diversity Policy and Programs & Organizational Capacity Building, Association of American Medical Colleges
Mariam B. Lam, Ph.D., Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion, University of California, Riverside
Mary Ann Villarreal, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, California State University, Fullerton

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