Urban Sustainability

Advancing Climate Equity: Urban University-Community Networks

Grand Challenge: Lower income communities and communities of color are most often underserved and underrepresented in climate action. Often leaving equity considerations as an afterthought, climate change action and urban sustainability efforts have largely focused on achieving economic and environmental co-benefits. To achieve the next generation of climate change action, urban sustainability efforts should target equity as a guiding framework in the pursuit of sustainability and resilience.
Solution:  Provide metropolitan regions with an evidence-based, outcomes-driven comprehensive approach to implementing urban sustainability solutions focused around climate equity in three topical areas (transportation, water policy and land use), which will be grounded in collective engagement and impact that will enhance the tactics commonly employed through climate action plans and other urban sustainability efforts.
Method and Outcomes: We are working to develop a methodology for urban universities to advance climate equity through aligned local and national partnerships and complementary projects.
We have crafted the following roadmap to:
  1. deepen our understanding of the processes, practices and partnerships needed to infuse equity into the effective advancement of urban sustainability actions in three topical areas—transportation, water policy and land use patterns;
  2. implement and disseminate that knowledge, then
  3. leverage our network to scale relevant approaches locally and nationally.
For more information, please view our project summary or the full proposal